Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Validation for Diversification in Material Handling

With a combined history of literally hundred’s of years of design experience in engineering, manufacturing and selling into multiple industries, Handling Specialty has become the premiere source of custom material handling solutions. But it wasn’t always this way.


The company, established in 1963 and working primarily within the automotive industry, grew considerably through the 90’s when they went from commodity to specialty manufacturing. Educated by the auto industry, Handling Specialty created a dynamic Parts and Services department featuring 24 hour service, a project management group, and dedicated quality assurance staff to support their existing client base and expanding markets.

In 2002, Handling Specialty decided that diversification would better serve the company moving forward, and re-imagined a business plan that was 90% automotive to just 20% over the next decade. By 2013, the year Handling Specialty turned 50, they would look back on their choice to diversify fondly.


“A company doesn’t make it fifty years without reinventing itself from time to time, and being flexible to the needs of the customer, realizing a more diverse set of goals.”  Explains Tom Beach, President of Handling Specialty.


With two dynamic manufacturing facilities, one with a seventy foot high bay for vertical builds, Handling Specialty’s capabilities to design and build for virtually any industry is only limited by their client’s imaginations. The engineering department designs each product with safety, efficiency, and ergonomics in mind to ensure satisfaction and return business.


Today, Handling Specialty works in the Rail, Transportation, Energy, Entertainment, Aerospace, Defense, Advanced Manufacturing and Automotive industries. The majority of the work coming out of their manufacturing plants is custom engineered for specific applications. Quality, stability, personality and a small business attitude, is still how Handling Specialty governs their operations; allowing for that personal touch, which remains a favourite quality among the world’s largest business leaders.


Handling Specialty offers conceptual engineering, consultation, design, manufacturing, testing, installation, commissioning, and training as well as on-going planned maintenance services for multiple industries all over the globe. Word of mouth, repeat business, marketing and sales efforts all contribute to the company’s bottom line, and a bright future.

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