Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Supply Chain from a Marketing Point of View

This document was prepared for the MHI #iWorkInTheSupplyChain event.

It’s truly incredible how many aspects of everyday life are affected by the supply chain. Before I began marketing in the manufacturing industry, I had no idea the range and scope my marketing efforts could achieve.

I’m thankful for my entry into this dynamic industry, where marketing has a tangible effect on business and brand recognition. Much of what I do is internal marketing, keeping our employees encouraged by our growth, training dealer networks how to market themselves and the brand I am representing at the time, and, of course, externally marketing my company’s capabilities to the world.


Each business I have represented in the past eight years has either been active in global markets or communicated to me their interest in pursuing a worldwide audience for their products or services. My job, regardless, has been to broaden our reach and bring new opportunities to my manufacturer through advertising, social media, web applications, proposals, and tradeshows. I have seen a lot of the world in my short time representing manufacturers on a global scale, and I look forward to seeing more of it.


But the scope of the supply chain is seen on both fronts, abroad and here at home. The footprint in our daily lives is unmistakable. Now, when I drive the highways, spot a warehouse, or look out my office window, I am reminded by the ratio of transport trucks to pedestrian vehicles, and what it truly means to be a part of the supply chain. It is a web of endless activity which spans the globe, and brings goods and services to the world at large.


Michael Poeltl


Monday, January 18, 2016

Handling Specialty Adds New Product to Assist in Your Manufacturing Needs

With the recent addition of the OSA-LATOR Indexing table to the Handling Specialty product line; including custom Head stock/Tail stock Positioners was an easy choice.

What are some of the major benefits to employing a Head stock/Tail stock Positioner? It offers a properly positioned weldment, regardless of the size, which reduces welder fatigue, increases safety, improves weld quality, and saves on production floor space. By relocating the weldment or assembly component, workers are not forced into unsafe or ergonomically uncomfortable positions.

Why choose a Head stock/Tail stock over a Rotator?
  • In a welding application, welds are presented to the operator with optimal weld positioning, torch access, torch angles and resulting in improved quality.  
  • A rotator will not provide the same flexibility. Vertical welds will always be vertical welds on a rotator while a HS-TS will translate vertical position welds to an optimal flat or horizontal position.
  • In an all applications [inspection, assembly, cleaning, etc] the part is rotated into the worker envelope, reducing ergonomic concerns, increasing productivity and up-time

  • To learn more about this new product addition, a webpage dedicated to the Head stock/Tail stock Positioners can now be found on the Handling Specialty site along with a downloadable version of the brochure.

    Tuesday, January 12, 2016

    Expanded Parts & Services Pages on Handling Specialty's Website

    From critical spare parts to the planned maintenance services recommended by your manufacturer, it is important to be able to find what you need when unforeseen damages or problems arise with your machinery.

    Handling Specialty understands this need and has recently revised how they present their parts and services online. With a more stream-lined navigation process, an expanded menu, and additional online forms, Handling Specialty has simplified the process while offering more content to educate and direct their users.


    “Our Professional Services Group, which makes up our parts and services department, includes individuals with expert advice on your Handling Specialty equipment. We also stock parts specific to our customer’s needs, offering training, installation, maintenance and more.” explains Tom Beach, President of Handling Specialty. 

    “We realized the need to further expand the breadth of knowledge of what our company, and specifically, our department, covers,” says Marek Cybula, Handling Specialty’s Professional Services Specialist, “for our customer’s looking online, as well as potential customer online discovery.”


    Featuring a more detailed list of services, the website can better serve those looking for keywords associated with the company’s activities. Options like installation assistance, operator and maintenance training, repairs, parts ordering, inspections and planned maintenance are all available with calls to action on each page allowing the user to find the information they need, and contacting Handling Specialty for any further information or to book a service.

    Discover the difference yourself. Visit Handling Specialty’s Parts & Services page today

    Thursday, January 7, 2016

    Consulting -The First Step to Customizing your Industrial Applications

    Many company's include engineering support on-site, on-line or via whatever means is convenient for the client. Engineering studies and analysis for equipment upgrades or refurbishments are commonplace. But do you know who it is you've hired to offer you expert advice? Are they experts? Do they have a diverse portfolio of work to support their claims?

    Where heavy lifting applications, positioning or moving product is concerned, there is arguably no business as well suited to offer consultation services than Handling Specialty. 
    Custom material handling applications can benefit enormously from a Handling Specialty engineering consult in order to assess the application and offer alternative solutions. We can suggest measures which the client had not considered, or had previously believed impossible. Given the breadth of Handling Specialty's engineered solutions, a client (or soon-to-be client) can benefit substantially from this exchange.

    And what's more, we can manufacture, install and support the equipment we've offered consultation on with a team of experts in their own fields.

    From aerospace and defense, advanced manufacturing processes, the energy industry - both sustainable and other, rail and transportation, automotive, process industries, entertainment and more, Handling Specialty engineers offer the most diverse experience in imagining, designing and developing the perfect solution to your application. 

    Let our technical sales team assess your facility and, with our engineers, discover the perfect solution for your application needs.
    We welcome all inquiries. Call 905.945.9661 and ask to speak to a member of our sales team, or email

    Monday, January 4, 2016

    How to Attain Workplace Safety in 2016

    Having a safe and happy 2016 doesn’t only extend to your personal life. Your work-life is every bit as important; especially when working in an environment wrought with potentially dangerous situations. The manufacturing industry, as well as aerospace, defence, entertainment, rail, transportation and many others can be, at times, scary places to work. The importance of quality should be one of your first considerations when creating a safe environment in the workplace.

    Handling Specialty heavy lifting equipment is not only made with the highest quality components and steel, but each piece of equipment purchased comes with a full on-site and in-class training on both operation and maintenance of the product(s). These courses help to ensure a level of safety through knowledge is engrained in anyone who will be working on or operating Handling Specialty’s products in the workplace.


    For continued safety throughout the life of your Handling Specialty equipment, inspections and planned maintenance requirements should be followed closely, allowing factory trained technicians from Handling Specialty’s manufacturing team to assess your equipment’s reliability and efficiency.


    Critical spare parts and other services are also available from the Handling Specialty head offices in Ontario, Canada, and these service extend to a global reach, where product is installed the world over in diverse industries and applications.


    So consider safety in 2016 when you are looking to include a custom piece of lifting equipment, or whether you require a more standard model. Handling Specialty is your one-stop option for design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of premium lifting and manoeuvring products.