Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Considering Buying Custom Engineered Product? Here's How.

EPG is a category referred to by engineers, architects, manufacturing professionals and many more in supply chain and manufacturing circles. It’s the category that offers that ‘wow’ factor in our business. It allows for custom engineered and manufactured products to reinvent how a product is built, maintained, or how it is distributed. Or, in the case where a product is only in its infancy, EPG assists in the design-stages of the equipment which will enable a company to build it.

When considering a company for your engineered products, it’s wise to do your homework, like requesting case studies if none can be found on the company’s website. The complexity to which a company can engineer is an important factor as well, including electrical, hydraulic, mechanical and even software engineers designing the way a piece of equipment will operate.

Has the company built the products they’ve engineered? This is where trial and error takes place. This is where real world experience comes into play. Handling Specialty consolidates the engineering department into the same building as their manufacturing plant. This is where the two worlds meet - conceptual and material. This is where mistakes are put to bed. This is when a company gains experience from doing.

This is another department which exists in the same building alongside manufacturing and engineering at Handling Specialty. These three departments, plus sales, accounting, purchasing, marketing and more all exist within the same four walls at Handling Specialty’s Grimsby offices.
When a company can work together to see a project through like Handling Specialty can, it’s definitely worth your while to look them up when considering the design, build and support of a piece of equipment as important as an engineered product.

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