Thursday, March 24, 2016

Steel Manufacturing Transfer Cars Need to be Tough

Assembly line Transfer Cars are built to withstand the harsh manufacturing environments of a steel mill as well as endure continuous cycling. All Handling Specialty transfer cars have this capability whether a client requires a standard model or customized version with a self-propelled system which incorporates specialized hydraulic and electrical components.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ladle Lifts for Firebrick Re-bricking Changed the Way Steel Industry Operates

Traditional scaffolding used in the re-bricking process in many steel factories was replaced by Ladle lifts as a safer and more reliable option. Refractory firebrick in pour ladles require continual replacement and the Handling Specialty ladle lift was designed as the perfect solution. The lift is loaded into the ladle using a crane, and can be moved to the next ladle requiring re-bricking. These two stage scissor lifts are designed to withstand harsh melt shop environments, improving efficiency in the factory.


This custom model also includes three sets of aluminum extensions which connect on the lip along the outside of the platform. Each extension allows for larger size ladles to be re-bricked, whether oval or round.


The heavy–duty scissor lift raises and lowers the operator and bricks via a hand-held controller for ease of operation while handling loads of up to 10,000 lbs. The lift is loaded into the ladle using a crane, and can be moved to the next ladle requiring re-bricking.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Entertainment Industry and Manufacturing Combine to Create a Great Show!

If you caught our blog post concerning the City of Dream's theatre build, which featured the Amazing Race in December of 2015, then you will be interested to know that this event was not overlooked by the material handling industry. Entertainment is always news-worthy, and when a manufacturer can break into the story for their accomplishments, it puts a spotlight on manufacturing and the hidden work we do to assist in making the entertainment world function seamlessly.

Click here for the full article in Plant Magazine's January/February edition on page 22, or find it in the 'Contents' section under Material Handling.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Manufacturing Turbines for Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy?

Handling Specialty has been designing, building and supporting products like multi-stage  turbine lifts for decades, and has engineered lifts which amplify safety and ergonomics. In particular, the at-grade, or below-ground level, multi-stage scissor lift, allows the employees to remain on the ground as the turbine raises and lowers at the worker’s level, rather than the employee raising and lowering on a platform to meet the different segments of the turbine. The ground level lift eliminates stair cases and heights associated with traditional above ground turbine lifts, reducing the possibility for accidents including falling from a great height. The platform featured below includes two round removable plates, which can be manufactured in a variety of sizes to fit any turbine diameter.

This scenario is not always ideal for the factory’s architecture, or the manufacturer’s needs, but having your personnel remain on the ground while they build or maintain massive turbines for the Gas, Oil, and Energy industries does offer increased safety and ergonomics which, in turn, can lower costs due to employee injury, and raise morale in the company.

Even with safety features like safety lock-up bars to hold the lift in a raised position for regular maintenance, and hydraulic cylinders equipped with velocity fuses to provide rate of descent protection, the above-ground turbine scissor lift is not as safe as the below-ground version because operator complacency is a danger in every instance where heights are involved.

In order to increase your peace of mind, a below-ground lift is an ideal solution to turbine manufacturing applications. For more on these custom or pre-engineered versions of a turbine lift, please visit our website, or call directly.