Monday, May 30, 2016

Aerospace Manufacturing Demands Excellence

Boeing, Bombardier, Lockheed-Martin, NASA, Pratt & Whitney, GE Aviation; these are some of the companies who trust us to design and build their manufacturing equipment for the aerospace sector. Is it time you considered an experienced design and manufacturing firm who understands your custom applications?

Handling Specialty custom engineers and manufactures lift, rotate, tilt and traversing equipment to help customers assemble and manufacture their products efficiently, ergonomically and with greater confidence and this experience extends to the multi-faceted industries that make up Aerospace and Defence manufacturing.

Handling Specialty has supplied a number of custom vertical assembly stations to Lockheed Martin for the wing assembly of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. We have also created several Jet engine testing and pre-dress bays where the engines being lifted weigh in excess of 30,000 lbs.

Find a wide array of solution stories to support our claim that we build big things so our customers can build big things.

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