Thursday, April 7, 2016

It does What?! Improve your Assembly Line with the Newest AGV on the Market

Not all AGV's – otherwise known as AGC's - are created equal. Handling Specialty's customized automatic guided vehicle was designed, built and tested at their facilities for a truck-body builder who required specific application details and safety options which Handling Specialty delivered.

The programming of the unit was developed to read each QR code on the adhesive smart tape placed on the manufacturing floor; altering speed, direction and functionality. A simple, yet advanced system of airbags and wheels at the center of the unit allow it to lift and spin 360 degrees when required. This particular AGV includes a Brushless DC servo motor to keep maintenance costs down, and has the capacity to hold 12,000 lbs.

Not only can this AGC be guided automatically via tape, the unit can also be manually guided when the situation presents itself i.e. positioning the unit or removing it from the assembly line for maintenance and charging its eight TPPL, 48 VDC voltage batteries. By plugging in a hand operated control and turning a key, the laser is disabled and the operator has full control over the AGV’s movements. A series of lights on the side of the AGV alerts the operator when they have control.

Handling Specialty has developed a truly unique take on the traditional Automated Guided Cart/AGC and placed them selves firmly in the future, where technology continues to assist the assembly line in efficiency, ergonomics and safety.

20 units were ordered to revitalize the manufacturing floor of an automotive assembly plant. Find a video of this automatic guided vehicle here

To get in touch with Handling Specialty contact Mike Roper at 1-800-559-8366.

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